This week we discuss Greek Mythology’s most complicated, snake-haired villain, Medusa. And better yet, enjoy our discussion with the best person to talk about Medusa with - special guest Liv from the podcast Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! We dive into Medusa’s intense backstory, her appearance in today’s current events and pop culture, and all around bad-assery. It’ll be so shocking, you’ll be frozen to stone.

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Apparently everyone is because he is one of the most notorious villains in children’s literature. Listen as Joe and Tiana discuss why the wolf has such a bad reputation.

Plankton is more than bacteria floating through the sea. In fact, he’s an angry, tiny go-getter who seeks the Krabby Patty Formula and an eventual take over the world. Listen as Joe and Tiana discuss why this could be – is it a Napoleon Complex? His need to feel adequate in a world of discouragement? Is he too smart for his own good? Find out as we ponder life in the shadow of the Krusty Krab.

Helga Pataki is many things; a 4th grade bully, an excellent speller, and a passionate poet. Joe and Tiana discuss how Helga is taking down the patriarchy one well placed punch to the face at a time.