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Welcome to Next Door Villain, a podcast where we practice empathy by discussing the humanity behind our favorite fictional villains. 

Each episode, hosts Joe and Tiana discuss a well-known fictional villain. They attempt to find the humanity behind these characters so that we can learn to love, and respect them. Because if we can learn to connect with characters that were designed to be hated, than we might just have a chance at understanding the villains we face in our everyday lives.

At the end of each episode, the podcast will feature a literary piece written about that villain. Literary pieces like poems, songs, and monologues can help provide emotional incite into a character that a conversation may not. If you are a writer or creative type, we encourage you to head over to the submission page to learn how you can write a piece and be featured on our show!


Joe Anderson and Christiana Hennings are a couple of regular people who decided it might be fun to make a podcast.  They can be contacted in the following ways:

Email: nextdoorvillain@gmail.com
Voicemail Line: 567-343-3359

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